Kinderdance classes are for children between the ages of three and seven. Dancers learn choreography for and have an opportunity to participate in the Dance Concert each spring.



Tiny Dancers | Ages 3-5 | 45 Minutes

Dancers are introduced to the fundamentals of Ballet. Rhythms, songs and props make classes fun and engaging.

Day Time Studio
Monday 11:30 AM Studio A
Wednesday 4:30 PM Studio B
Saturday 9:30 AM Studio A

Tutu Rockers | Ages 4-6 | 60 Minutes

Dancers will unleash their inner ballerina rock star through a fusion of Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop.

Day Time Studio
Wednesday 5:30 PM Studio B

NEW CLASS – Rock and Roll | Ages 4-6 | 60 Minutes

Dancers will enjoy a mix of dance styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop, as well as tumbling basics. Pink ballets slippers required.

Day Time Studio
Saturday 11:30 AM Studio A

Hip Bop | Ages 4-6 | 45 Minutes

Dancers learn the basics of Hip Hop and explore creative movement while enjoying current popular hits. This is great class for high energy, spirited girls and boys in need of an outlet for their inner performer.

Day Time Studio
Tuesday 4:30 PM Studio A

Little Stars | Ages 4-6 | 60 Minutes

Dancers try several styles of popular dance including Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap on the way to becoming a Little Star.

Day Time Studio
Monday 5:30 PM Studio A

Gym/Dance | Ages 4-6 | 60 Minutes*

This unique dual class provides children with the opportunity to participate in thirty minutes of gymnastics and thirty minutes of dance. Ballet slippers are required.

Day Time Studio
Monday 12:30 PM Gym/Studio A
Saturday 10:30 AM Gym/Studio A


Session Dates

Session 1: August 29, 2016 – November 5, 2016
Session 2: November 7, 2016 – January 21, 2017
Session 3: January 23, 2017 – April 1, 2017
Session 4: April 3, 2017 – June 10, 2017


Registration Fee

A registration fee must be paid once from September through August of each year for each dancer. No discounts apply to the registration fee. The fee for each dancer in Session 1 is $30.00, Session 2 is $25.00, Session 3 is $20.00, Session 4 is $15.00 and summer camp is $5.00.


Class Fees

Kinderdance classes follow a payment schedule based on sessions. Class fees are listed below. Class fees are due before the first day of class.

Class Time Per Week 10 Weeks 9 Weeks 8 Weeks
45 Minutes $140 $126 $112
60 Minutes $180 $162 $144
Gym/Dance – 60 Minutes $177 $159 $142

*Gym/Dance fee varies due to combination class.



After one dancer in a family pays the full price, other family members receive a 10% discount on equal or lesser fees for dance classes. Multiple discounts do not apply.