Pre-Employment Screenings and Training

For the safety of the children under our supervision and in order to comply with Pennsylvania laws and insurance requirements, employees are required to complete the following screenings and training as a condition of employment:

1. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check

Visit and click “Submit A New Record Check” to begin the process. The cost is $10 per check. A receipt is required for reimbursement. Provide a printed copy of the results of your check along with your receipt to David Ford.

2. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Visit and follow the directions to create an individual account. Use the code provided by David Ford to pay for the clearance.

3. Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check is a two step process that requires online registration and fingerprinting at an approved location. Reimbursement for cost of this check is not necessary because employees can use the information below to charge checks directly to Central Bucks Gymnastics and Dance.

Step 1: Registration

Visit to begin the registration process

Select “Agency” as the payment type and enter the following Agency ID: PADW65982

The agency name, address, city, state and zip code should automatically populate

Enter the following Billing Password: P154S92751

Enter your personal information and click “Next”

For “Reason Fingerprinted”, select “Employment with a significant likelihood of regular contact with children”.

Verify your information

Print a copy of your registration. You are required to present this registration in order to complete the process when you visit the fingerprint location.

Step 2: Fingerprinting

Visit for a list of fingerprint locations.

Click on your preferred location and follow the instructions. An appointment may be required.

Submit the results of the  check to David Ford at

4. HEADS UP to Youth Sports Concussion Training

HEADS UP to Youth Sports is a free, online course available to coaches, parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion. It features interviews with leading experts, dynamic graphics and interactive exercises, and compelling storytelling to help you recognize a concussion and know how to respond if you think that your athlete might have a concussion.

Visit and type your first and last name when prompted at the beginning of the training. Complete the training, print the certificate of completion and submit a copy to David Ford.